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Add a chatbot

Add a 24/7 concierge bot. 

Add a service center

Connect service providers with customers

Build a brand

Enhance customer experience with a community. 

Increase sales

Connect your customers to service providers.

Save time

Get connected to the right service provider

Personalized Service

Enjoy custom solutions

Add an AI driven 24/7 chatbot


  • Add a chatbot for better engagement
  • Chatbot
  • You engage with customers 24/7.
  • Engage with customers
  • Plan A
  • Add a marketplace
  • Marketplace
  • Connect service providers to customers
  • Pay with Credit Cards, Paypal or Bitcoin
  • Plan B
  • Add a chatbot and a marketplace
  • Chatbot+Marketplace
  • Create buzz with a Wanteet marketplace
  • Connect and Thrive
  • Plan C