Do you need to schedule demos and serve customers? Have our bots do it.

Enjoy leads while you are sleeping. Qualify your prospects. Autodetect sales opportunities.  Serve marketing information from our bot with regards your product features, promotions and so much more.

How it works?

Let our bots do your work


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A marketplace making different chefs available in one portal.

Sales bot

Sales Bots

Sales bots help gather and qualify prospects, sometimes scheduling conversations with sales agents.

Consumer Oriented Chatbots

Consumer Oriented Chatbots

Chatbots are marketplace helpers. They offer creative opportunities when it comes to dealing with customer engagement .

23 creative ways to use a Chatbot


Brings coders who want to help other coders into a marketplace.


Add a marketplace with chatbot

Add a 24/7 concierge bot. 

Add a service center with chat bot

Connect service providers with customers

Create digital concierges for sales and customer service

Automate customer success 

Increase sales

Connect your customers to service providers.

Save time

Get connected to the right service provider

Personalized Service

Enjoy custom solutions


  • Plan A
  • Add a chatbot for better engagement
  • Chatbot
  • You engage with customers 24/7.
  • Engage with customers
  • ASK
  • Plan B
  • Add a marketplace for products and services
  • Marketplace
  • Connect providers to consumers
  • Pay with Credit Cards, Paypal or Bitcoin
  • ASK
  • Plan C
  • Add a chatbot+marketplace
  • Chatbot+Marketplace
  • Create buzz with a Wanteet marketplace
  • Chatbots to engage community
  • ASK